Introducing Gatsby Material Starter

Around a year ago, this project was one of the first ones ported to the v1 version of GatsbyJS.

And now, it's super exciting for me to announce the v2 version of Gatsby Material Starter with the support of the newest Gatsby v2 features!

You can also visit my personal blog if you want to see a fully implemented blog based on this starter.

New features are:

  • NetlifyCMS support
  • Complete optimization of all image assets via gatsby-image for faster loading times
  • New date formatting options
  • Netlify build configuration to make deploys easier
  • Less restrictive URL options
  • Bug fixes related to dates and sorting

Full feature list:

  • Blazing fast loading times thanks to pre-rendered HTML and automatic chunk loading of JS files
  • React-MD for Material design

    • Integrated FontAwesome support
    • Integrated Material Icons support
  • SASS/SCSS styling
  • NetlifyCMS support for creating/editing posts via admin panel
  • Separate components for everything
  • High configurability:

    • User information
    • User social profiles
    • Copyright information
    • More!
  • Author segment

    • Name
    • Location
    • Description
    • Links
    • Follow Me button
  • Posts in Markdown

    • Code syntax highlighting
    • Embedded YouTube videos
    • Embedded Tweets
  • Tags

    • Seprate page for posts under each tag
  • Categories

    • Separate page for posts under each category
  • Suggested posts segment
  • Disqus support

    • Notifications about new disqus comments
  • Responsive design

    • On mobile, Disqus is loaded only after expanding comments for better performance
  • Social features

    • Twitter tweet button
    • Facebook share/share count
    • Reddit share/share count
    • Google+ share button
    • LinkedIn share button
    • Telegram share button
  • SEO

    • Sitemap generation
    • robots.txt
    • General description tags
    • JSONLD (Google Rich Snippets)
    • OpenGraph Tags (Facebook/Google+/Pinterest)
    • Twitter Tags (Twitter Cards)
  • RSS feeds
  • Loading progress for slow networks
  • Offline support
  • Web App Manifest support
  • Automatic image transformation and size optimization
  • Netlify deploy configuration
  • Google Analytics support
  • Development tools

    • ESLint for linting
    • Prettier for code style
    • Remark-Lint for linting Markdown
    • write-good for linting English prose
    • gh-pages for deploying to GitHub pages
    • CodeClimate configuration file and badge

NOTE: Take a look at gatsby-advanced-starter if you prefer building UI from scratch and/or only interested in fundamental features.

More information is available on GitHub repository page.





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